Self love.. 💖its not selfish … its necessary !

Self love.. 💖its not selfish … its necessary !


Hey everyone, did you know that the relationship you set for yourself , sets the tone for any other relationships you will have?  I know deep right…. 😉 That’s a lot of power in ones hands…👊🏻 make sure you use it wisely!!  *wink* And the people you surround yourself play a big role in this too.  Be sure they are lifting you up instead of pulling you down…That’s not the kind of anchor ⚓️  you should be looking for… lol

I don’t know about you but…I feel like I am a constant “work in progress” right? Its ok we are supposed to be continuously changing, because change is the only constant….However ,we are always trying to please others first…Am I right?

Well ladies that stops now… ✋🏻Its time for a new class called self love 101...its not selfish… its necessary !!!  Because there’s only 1 you, and that’s your super power!   👊🏻

It took me a while to find mine, approximately 40 yrs to be precise…lol …Being born authentically as SAS …Stephanie Anne Surette.  My hope is to add ” a touch of  SAS”  into your life, cause I think we all deserve that , don’t you?  

What I  have learned, and let me tell you , there have been many ‘life lessons’ along the way , is that your only as good as your mindset… having a strong mindset is key for success . And in order for that to happen, you need to be happy with yourself, because there’s only 1 you.  You have to go out there and ‘own’ your SAS. No one else is going to that that for you.

 Because SAS is yes, authentically me, but also a play on words and really the essence that I want to convey for my brand … Its that women all ages should feel comfortable and confident in their own skin…because with all that confidence, the sky’s the limit….always leaving that lasting impression.

Now don’t get me wrong , although I  was born SAS, it kinda took me a while to find it..

See about 24 yrs ago I was undergoing back surgery for my scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine, mine was in a S shape, go figure…lol  . Which left me with a lasting impression, my scar, It stretches the whole length of my back. For years it was my nemesis, until now , fast forward to about 40 yrs later to be exact… you see there is something that happens at 40, and I swear,

you just don’t care or

 “sweat the small stuff” anymore !!!

So what people say or think about you becomes irrelevant….and I don’t mean it in a sassy way 💁🏻(kinda ironic) but you just start to live, and live for you…living life to the fullest.  That’s what I want to convey to you all in this blog…its all about self love, you should give yourself the love you so freely give to others and embrace yourself and be FLAWSOME…its  your imperfections, that make you beYOUtiful…

But don’t just take my word for it. I have invited my amazing tribe of boss babes entrepreneurs who are soooo passionate in their lives and careers that I couldn’t help share their stories 💕 because…

Your vibe attracts your tribe….

Are you ready to vibe with me and my tribe? 

I hope so , we can’t wait to meet ya…..

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Stephanie d'Entremont
Stephanie d'Entremont
Being born authentically as SAS ....Stephanie Anne Surette... I am a interior \ clothing designer mompreneur with a zest for living life to the fullest with comfort and a word....SAS

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