Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle

It’s sooo important to be a light today and to

“be a voice not an echo” …

Speak your truth, like a wise lady once said….love ya Oprah !!! There have been and still are so many greats that continue to speak their truth …

Why can’t we ???

So many times we have all these amazing thoughts or dreams and yet they get snuffed out and dim …. because of the nay sayers….no matter what the age , aka “bullies “

We all think differently and that is our super power . This is such a good thing . Can you image if our thoughts were all the same ?… What a boring world that would be ?

Because when we are passionate about an idea or dream … we’ll darling dream big ..than dream bigger and go for it !!!….

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle

This is your NOW … and this is my NOW … there is no perfect timing…for anyone!
So I’ve jumped in, and there is no going back now ..

Because really if you are truly passionate about something we’ll that is going to show and probably also consume 1/2 of your brain power too. #mombrain

Because as a mom, well, you want the best for your kids right ? You also tend to hover almost like a helicopter parent sometimes trying too much to solve their little problems … when really if you give them the chance to use their own “ powers “ it would be wayyyyy more beneficial for everyone in the long run .

So it was time to take a step back , which is not easy at all when faced with the unknown appearance of anxieties… To have your daughter give you the terror-stricken stare as you watch helplessly as she herself has to go through and cope with these surprise panic attacks …. Kinda heartbreaking for this mom …this problem solver , to just sit back and watch … I had to think of something…

So creative thinking cap on … this time , it’s time to think more outside of the box … And sometimes thinking resulted in just listening to your kids … which I knowwww , some of you probably may want to tune out sometimes … guilty Lol …

But this time I just sat back listening and watched… How could someone so frail at times be so strong in other times ?

~Because she’s not afraid to speak her truth ~

A little too much sometimes… but nevertheless..
So when she continued to refer to herself as a unicorn . I had to ask why ??? What makes you think your a unicorn??? And she proudly looked at me and said because I’m not afraid to say or do what I feel despite what others think of me … Whoaaaa …And in that moment I saw her “sparkle” again . She had found her “super powers” from within…

So this “unicorn necklace” is not just a novelty … It’s our hope , to help kids turn a negative situation into a positive one , by giving them the control .. which is sometimes taken away during these anxious times .

This personalized original necklace is is a beautiful compilation of hands on work done by myself and my bijoux guru Pierrette. With its leather grey wrap cording and it’s dreamy sterling silver cloud clasp makes it easy to slip on and off … But for me , the star of the show are the gemstones… I’m such a glam girl … But this time glam meets purpose with this arrangement of gems.

The first being citrine, which also just happens to be my birthstone … As a mom you always want to be able to protect your child even if your not physically there. Those who collect gemstones will know that citrine is very cheery and represents joy and abundance .

Next is the gemstones called apatite .. And I know what your thinking … and the answer is no .. it doesn’t have properties to increase appetite. What this aqua blue gemstones is thought to bring about is focus and concentration.

And lastly is pink tourmaline, representing self -love
and self worth …Feeling worthy about yourself is suppppper important. Especially if your constantly being tourmented … You tend to loose your self confidence..

and ain’t nobody got time for that drama !!!

So once these gemstones get aligned, their colours represent… you guessed it … the unicorn

And if that’s not crazy enough … because I’m a visual gal , cause it’s all about the presentation being an interior designer an all . They say that you don’t pick gemstones, you let them pick you … I know it’s sounds all whoooo hoo right ? But when everything thing was all said and done , the healing properties that’s these gemstones made up , couldn’t fit any better the needs of Edyn . Cool eh ???

Along with the added touch of the diffuser triangle lava bead enables you to add your own drop of essentials oils … Bam … instant super power !!!
That’s now literally in your kids hands.

And those who know me , know that there’s always a story behind the product … And this is it …

Be the

hero of your own story

The good ,the bad ,and the Perfectly ~ Imperfect. Because for me being and still leaning everyday it seems , how to be a mompreneur .
It’s not just about selling a product, but trying to help solve the problem.

And if you open your mind to new ways of healing , with the use of essential oils . Then these gemstone necklaces could be beneficial for both you and your child . Because we know that anxiety doesn’t affect just one person.

Remember always be yourself …
But if you can’t be yourself , than always be a unicorn 🦄



Stephanie d'Entremont
Stephanie d'Entremont
Being born authentically as SAS ....Stephanie Anne Surette... I am a interior \ clothing designer mompreneur with a zest for living life to the fullest with comfort and a word....SAS

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