All in with SAS

All in with SAS

Hi everyone, welcome to All in with SAS .

My name is Steph aka SAS , since my maiden name was Stephanie Anne Surette.  SASsy since birth . lol .

It’s my hope to spread some light to you all about a lot of things .. and I mean a lot … lol. If you love interior design , fashion , unicorns (not just that white horse with a pointy horn )

The Unicorn that’s in all of us ,

just waiting to be discovered says my daughter.   You know , that person who isn’t afraid to speak her truth , doesn’t care what others think , and is truly one of a kind … Ya , that’s what I’m talking about.  Letting those true colours shine . Like magenta, also another one of my absolute favourites . Ohhh and let’s not forget about my gemstone collection  , they are like my eye candy !

From choosing a lifestyle of healthy living for my family, to being an advocate for mentalwellness. Going from momlife to mom-brain to meditation. Or choosing to leave less of a footprint while using cruelty free makeup and skincare. Last but certainly not least ,  my quotes.   I’m Such a quote girl!  These are a few of my favourite things …

Few  , what a mouthful… If any of these  subjects resonate with ya , than don’t be afraid to lay it out on the table.  We’re going All in with SAS … To help you become the best version of YOU !  Mind , body and soul.

Cause this mom’s adhd brain has been like a constant sponge lately , but now I feel super saturated, and it’s time to let go .  Let go of all our limiting beliefs, and just live in the moment.  And help celebrate YOU and how far you have come !

Because for years … ehemmm , like 43,  I’ve been saying to myself.  What do I want to be when I grow up ?  Seriously…. whaaaaat ?Omggg it was starting to really weigh heavy on my mind. Good thing I just recently found out I had adult adhd … cause wait 5 secs and here comes another train of thought.  Lol What was I saying ? Oh ya , story of my life. What to be ? Humm !

Than through meditation , I realized that I can actually sit still and not think . Oh my gawwwd , can I get an amen 🙏🏻 Because you have no idea what it feels like to just not think … It’s a blessing.

  “ Quiet your mind your soul will speak” . #ahamoment lol.

So what if I’m not meant to do just 1 thing . What if what they say is true ,  that’s it’s all part of the journey and not the destination. whooooah … eye opener .

I truly feel like it has been a re birth .

You see for all these years I had these quirks that I tried to keep hidden . Like my energy! I remember people asking if they could actually bottle some of it  .. Hummm I wonder if they would want it now , knowing it was kinda adhd energy… haha    #breakthestigma .  I’m still the same person,  just now more aware and accepting.

“ ADHD is an explanation not an EXCUSE “

This is so true …  cause I’m living it ! And what you once thought were your weaknesses , are actually your BIGGEST STRENGTHS  !!!

So when I say go BIG or go HOME… I mean it !  I’m either “ ALL IN “ or not . We all have a story to tell .  We all have been dealt our own set of cards and you’re either ALL IN or out , your choice . Missing out on all the action of the game , of what could have been . I don’t know about you , but I do not want to live this game of life with regret, nope !

So that’s why I do things with passion . And sometimes my impulses do get the best of me , thanks to my handy dandy adhd wire works. But if you flip that sentence around and really try to thank your adhd brain . #lifehack.  You will see that I am actually thankful of my continuous drive and hyper focus on the things that set my soul on fire. And yes sometimes you will loose and sometimes you will learn. But we all have to learn how to fail … It’s called failing forward.  I think I’m a pro ! Lol

However, what this pro is learning is to surround yourself with people who feel like sunshine… My tribe ,

“Find your tribe and love them hard”

Welcome to my side hustle, my A team . Healthy Living from the Inside out with Arbonne .  Why would you not want to work at becoming a better version of yourself ? And it’s all starts from the inside out . You know that gut feeling … Trust me , that’s where it begins. Because our gut is our second brain . If it is overloaded with toxins it can’t produce serotonin… our “happy drug”  . Resulting in an overload of unhappiness. Who wants that  …. ?

Like my brother always says

 “There are no problems only solutions” 

So when it comes to the human brain ,  you have to fuel it properly. So for me  1+1 = 2 (and math isn’t usually my strong suit ) but this equation made sense  lol  . Because if someone gives you the building blocks to shape your future , and that of your family, well you listen and take note .  I’m realizing thats what I have with Arbonne . Now we’re  talking . Clarity  !!!  No more #brainfog .  I know , brain overload . lol . Stick with me , it will all make sense . I promise !  But you have to do the work , no one else can do it for you . What has helped me was really looking at the good , the bad , and the ugly truth . Going into the abyss, in uncharted waters so to speak . Not a fun place . But you

“Grow through what you go through “

And like Jacques Cousteau,  I believe I have found a hidden treasure ….in ME … Composed of many beautiful colourful layers.  Notice I didn’t say labels , #mentalwellness

 “In a world where you can be anything, be kind . “

Welcome to my adhd world , where there is never a dull moment and a never ending outside of the box adventure always awaits.  And I’m in the drivers seat , so buckle up . and come join me on my #perfectlyimperfect journey. And be the hero of your own story . Because each day is always a new chapter. Hey , could this be the start of some content for a book ?  Hehe

The rest is still unwritten….


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Stephanie d'Entremont
Stephanie d'Entremont
Being born authentically as SAS ....Stephanie Anne Surette... I am a interior \ clothing designer mompreneur with a zest for living life to the fullest with comfort and a word....SAS

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