Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you were supposed to be ?

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you were supposed to be ?


Wow , how’s that mouth full of a title?

“Deep thoughts” lol ….

I think we easily fall victim of these subconscious blocks of who we are supposed to be instead of who we really are.

Me included 🙋🏻‍♀️Lol …. It has taking me about 40 + yrs  … to figure myself out …. and still , a work in progress…I surprise myself every day !  That’s kinda the Scorpio in me ..Haha

And this day was noooooo exception … April 11\2018 …. yup just this past Spring …. was yet another newest discovery of my #selflove quest .

But let’s rewind  first  shall we …. ⬅️⬅️⬅️

It’s a joyous celebration…. the birth of your children. You have never felt more unconditional love for anyone ever … and it’s  amazing to see their  little personalities take shape as they grow … Because kids brains are like a sponges ,they will absorb in all comments , the good and the bad ! So it’s up to us to filter them right ?But sometimes those are some serious big shoes to fill . Am I right ? Because let’s face it , there are moments when your patience will be tested … over and over …. might I add … but it’s how you react , that’s the true test ….

“Mirror what you admire”

So in realizing this ….that I was like their mirror…. well I’d like to think that my own patience grew more tolerable, over time Deep breaths in and out #inhalethegoodshitexhalethebullshit 🤭 However once I looked in their eyes ,  that’s where I saw myself ( the mirror)  #perfectlyimperfect .  And sometimes , the  🍎 🍎 don’t  fall far from the tree .  Not  💯 sure,  but in watching them grow  and reveal their new discoveries . It’s kinda eye openers .  As they allow each new different layer to unfold .  (Notice I said layers not labels ) Because no one should ever be labeled !!! And as I start to see their authenticity shine through. I just want them to realize you should never trade your authenticity to be accepted .

So fast forward to now ⏩⏩⏩. I can kinda see that clearly . And I’ve accepted my diagnosis of having …🥁drum roll please …🗣 Adult ADHD …. There I said it !! Lol  . What a release 🙌🏻

Because ADHD is an explanation…. not an excuse…!!!

Keep in mind … like I keep my  daily reminders  …(like alerts 🚨on my phone ) #survivalmode … no joke !

But I think we might all need these friendly reminders. Because here’s the thing . We are not broken . We don’t need fixing … It’s just our frontal cortex  has a different wiring system … that’s all . And it challenges our executive functions differently . It’s not that we can’t do it , it’s not that we are lazy …. It’s the actual breaking down and processing the tasks at hand , that is the challenge. For those who are efficient or organized… that’s a breeze . . For us that’s the challenge , and that’s where our outside of the box thinking 🤔 comes in handy . Once we get past that  … than watch out … Because being hyper focused , that’s our “ go -to – speed  “ and once that kicks in … for those who procrastinate 🙋🏻‍♀️ Well that my friends is the GIFT ! And we shouldn’t be afraid  to reveal it to the world  #breakthestigma !

Because all we need is acceptance…

This is Me and this is my ADHD #mombrain  and #momlife

And as a mom , you always want the best for your children, you put them first for everything….But what if it’s your turn to be put your self first .It’s that selfish? Or is that selflove 💕 You decided ?

I know my answer ….Because at the end of the day YOU are your biggest commitment. And sometimes YOU can easily  loose yourself in your own thoughts .  Sometimes  YOU really have to dive down in your own psyche  for that rescue and that’s a scary place . Because the truth can be scary … but guess what ? It can also set you free!  So it’s in this discovery I was free to grow . Free to just be me … #flawsome . But YOU  have to be willing to go down there …. into the rabbit hole Alice , so to speak ..😜 Into this dark abyss and accept yourself  for who you are not this facade of who you think you need to be . Who YOU are deep inside . Only then can YOU truly shine bright , through the good , the bad and now this lovely adult ADHD Mom glow ✨There’s only 1 you . And because there’s only 1 me …. thank goodness for you all ,  because  that’s  a whole lot of energy to boot if I had a clone..  hehe .😝

I have had this vision in my head for sooooo long now , that I just didn’t know how to bring it to life . But life has a funny way of showing me sometimes…. It’s like Thomas Rhett’s song  “Life changes “ … OMG … Loveeeee that song. 💖… “You can’t stop it just hop on a train …” So true , cause you certainly can’t stop  this train… soooo many train of thoughts going through my head at all times  … 🚂…lol

“You don’t have to be great to start , but you have to start to be great “

There is no right timing . So that’s what we did … and like a bandaid …..voila 💁🏻‍♀️This is Me Movement 👚was launched , with me as the shield … Because who else takes one for the team other than  #teammom

This is my goal …. It’s to be a voice for those who do not have one . It’s our way to take a stand and stand up against bullying .Which has been on going for years towards my daughter Edyn …and I know unfortunately so many others …

This is Me 👚is not only a song from the Greatest Showman that Edyn was so passionate to sing and had this huge opportunity to do so in this year’s  Yarmouth Seafest pageant   🎤

Some wear a crown … other’s wear a unicorn horn … Because they were born to standout 🦄


And affirming  that you are NOT changing your authenticity for someone else’s insecurities   #sorrynotsorry …That’s my muse 💕Where you can feel accepted to just be yourself before the world told you who you should be . She knows who she is … wayyyyy before I ever did or still do . She is fearless, inspiring and Perfectly ~Imperfect!

And wants to just help take a stand and defend #mentalwellness .  So for every shirt sold 1$ will go towards our local mental wellness facility here in Yarmouth.  Because newsflash…. We all  have our layers!  😉… And whether you care to admit it or choose to accept them , that’s your choice . But once  you do  , well what  a beautiful gift to the world you will be. Be the gift .  Let’s start this movement together.

I was always known to “Go big of go home”. This really does hit home , and has truly  been a labour of love … And truly has been a journey of self discovery…. and again in the words of  Thomas Rhett “ I wouldn’t change it for the world … the world “

My world … #myfamily 💞

~This is Me ~

#momlife #mentalwellness #perfectlyimperfect #breakthestigma #justbeyou #Unicorn #betheheroofyourownstory

Xx @touchofsas75




Stephanie d'Entremont
Stephanie d'Entremont
Being born authentically as SAS ....Stephanie Anne Surette... I am a interior \ clothing designer mompreneur with a zest for living life to the fullest with comfort and a word....SAS

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